Social Recognition

Boost Recognition With a Workplace Social Platform

Is your recognition program as social as your employees? As new generations of employees enter the workforce, they bring with them new expectations. Many of those expectations have grown from their exposure to, and comfort with, technology, including social platforms that enable an unprecedented degree of sharing.

Workplace social platforms offer the opportunity to capture the enthusiasm of technology-enabled social engagement to create more robust recognition programs. Social recognition platforms deliver immediate benefits including:

  • Heightened visibility with public recognition
  • Broadened recognition that stems from a variety of viewpoints, across peers and departments
  • A structure for mapping recognition to culture
  • A window into previously untapped talent and unlocked knowledge

In addition, by connecting peer-to-peer, manager-to-employee, or organizations to customers and partners, workplace social platforms enlarge the impact of recognition, facilitate a collaborative environment, and promote alignment of organizational culture and goals.

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To learn how an enterprise social recognition platform can multiply the impact of your program, contact a Marketing Innovators social recognition platform expert.