Promotional Products

Branded products make a lasting impression and help build loyalty to your organization. Whether you use them for marketing, customer retention, sales incentives or trade shows, branded promotional items provide excellent returns. Check out our online catalog, where you’ll find new and popular items, as well as traditional options. Sign up for our twice monthly newsletter to see the hottest trends and freshest ideas in promotional products by filling out the form on this page.

Emblematic Awards

MI offers a wide collection of traditional and contemporary emblematic award selections including jewelry, watches, luggage, apparel, electronics and more. These awards can celebrate years of service, acknowledge performance or recognize achievement.

Customized Plaques and Certificates

Leading organizations honor their employees at every opportunity. Recognizing achievements with leadership, safety, quality, customer service excellence or sales plaques creates long-lasting memories. MI coordinates the design and production of plaques as well as recognition certificates.