Award Delivery Systems

The traditional incentive and recognition model looked first at the awards and then asked how are we going to deliver them? Now companies look at their initiative and focus on the technology needed to support and communicate the program to maximize engagement and motivation.

The diversity of today’s multi-generational work force is requiring the inclusion of a wide range of award categories so everyone can find something that is truly meaningful to them. Programs need to be personal for each individual participant, and as such the award delivery system becomes the critical element. It can communicate and engage while allowing a wide range of award and fulfillment options.

Finding the award system that is right for your company’s unique needs and culture will contribute to greater levels of employee engagement and profitable individual and corporate performance.

MI solutions range from quick-to-launch turnkey award platforms to more robust systems that provide customization to client needs. We work with you and your program goals to bring you a platform that meets all your objectives. Not sure what you need? Let our experts guide you.