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Gift Cards Can Help Open Up New Sources of Funding.

We Help Make it Happen With a FREE, Branded Website For Your Organization!

These days, everyone is feeling the pressures of uncertainty. Especially non-profits. The people you serve and look out for need you now more than ever, but fundraising is harder than ever.

At MI, we care deeply about The Human ConnectionĀ®, and we are committed to extend that core belief beyond our business application. We are devoted to help non-profits:

> Get a branded website at no additional cost (plus free marketing!)

> Facilitate a donor collection process.

> And, quickly deliver funds to your organization, in the form of gift cards, a prepaid card, or cash.

We build it, host it, and best of all, we handle all collection of donations to turn those funds into gift card fulfillment. We know the power of gift cards when it comes to building and strengthening personal connections. That's why we're extending that benefit to you and your partners. If you don't want gift cards, we also offer the option of a prepaid card (at face value), or cash transfer (fees apply).

We want you to know you're not alone. Let's work together.

You Get a Free, Custom-Branded Website With a Description and PayPal Link.

We've created an efficient on-boarding and site customization process to ensure everything goes quickly and smoothly for you to get your site live asap.

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Share That Site Far & Wide to Solicit Donors For Quick Donations.

Any amount can be donated through our secure payment process, and we'll bundle it together with a week's worth of donations to leverage the power of bulk buying.

We Tally Up the Totals Each Week and Send You Gift Cards* for Whichever Stores You Want.

Each week we'll use the cumulative funds to purchase gift cards in bulk and distribute them to you so you can distribute them to your recipients. If you'd prefer a prepaid card or cash, those options exist as well.

Get the Cards, Get the Benefits, Keep Moving Forward.

Bulk distribution means quick delivery for you.

Digital delivery option keeps it hands-off.

Dedicated customer service.

Easy & convenient ordering process.

Valuable reporting & tracking.

Free Marketing!

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

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