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Sales Enablement Platform

Points-based programs that help track and incentivize employees on an evergreen basis.
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According to a Harvard Business Review survey...

of employed Americans don’t feel that their supervisors recognize them enough for their contributions.
of respondents say they’d put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often.
of companies using sales enablement tools indicated that sales increased over the past 12 months!

That means huge potential for increased performance!

MIFunds® is the fast, secure, cost-effective way to motivate your salespeople and exceed your sales numbers.

Our MIFunds sales incentives platform is a SaaS alternative to the manual, time-intensive, and error-prone claim submission and payout process. MIFunds is here to help you create effective sales programs to incentivize your employees.

  • Create a program with lasting value
  • Promote, incentivize & SPIFF
  • Platform self-enrollment
  • Real-time claim status updates
  • Perfect for rebates and reimbursements as well!

Built to Elevate the Sales Process

MIFunds is flexible and powerful, with all the tools and support needed to build or supplement any sales enablement strategy.

White Labeled
Robust Analytics
Private and Secure
Communication Tools
Point Banking
Fast Implementation
Easy Claim Status Tracking
Save on Printing & Postage

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