Incentivize & Energize Your Salesforce

Incentives are the foundation of any sales enablement strategy. If you need to encourage certain actions, whether from employees, channel partners, clients or even customers, they all eventually ask the same question: "why should I?" The right set of incentives, communicated effectively, gives them the answer they need.

When program participants are incentivized, they're energized. Of course, the real power of incentives is only realized when used properly... the right incentive, the right timing, the right delivery method. At MI, we've been refining that formula for four decades.

For most salespeople, real motivation comes from less tangible things.

Motivation is made, not found, and there's no simpler way to create it than by incentivizing the people who make growth possible. Even the best Sales team in the world can benefit from meaningful recognition and well-designed promotions. With MIFunds, you get an electronic alternative to the manual, time-intensive, and error-prone claim submission and payout process.

Your teams can submit and track product-specific claims with a streamlined process that can support multiple promotions for one or many products. Fast, easy, accurate, claim submissions... real-time claim status updates... and scheduled, or immediate, payouts... that's MIFunds!

Even better than all that, your team members can earn points, which can be redeemed for rewards, like top brand gift cards, e-gift cards and high-value merchandise.


& Behaviors


to Drive


to Enhance


Great Work &



Wellness Integration

Social Feed



Points Upload

Surveys & Feedback

Communication Tools

Analytics & Reporting

White Labeled

Gift Cards & Merchandise

Travel & Experiences

Tickets & Events

Recognition Programs

Deliver personally meaningful recognition, when, where and how you want it.

Sales Incentives

The right incentives to fit your goals, your budget, and your target.

Employee Engagement

Run all of your programs on one platform without administrative hassle or budget-busting expenses.

Wellness Programs

All your well-being initiatives in one place, tied to recognition and rewards, focused on motivation and healthful habits.

Built to Elevate the Sales Process.

MIFunds is flexible and powerful, with all the tools and support needed to build or supplement any sales enablement strategy.

Save on printing & postage - no more mailing claim documents!
Fast claim turnaround time
Easy tracking of claim status
Points Upload
Ability to search and review all historical claims
Communication Tools
Analytics & Reporting
White Labeled
Gift Cards & Merchandise Rewards

Incentives Pay Dividends, Literally:

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