MI Brand

These guidelines provide basic information for the use and display of the Marketing Innovators identity. Not all situations and applications are covered within and certain scenarios may require more guidance or the need to submit concepts for approval. In addition, the MI brand will continue to evolve as we refine our messaging and add to our products and services, so please check back here for up-to-date guidelines and downloadable art files.

For questions and/or approvals, please contact one of these individuals:

Molly Blabolil
VP, Marketing

Kristen Dohnal
Marketing Specialist

Jason Brashares
Art Director

MI’s current Brand Position:
In the business world, a meaningful connection is hard to come by, and impossible to fake. We help you build a bridge between the cold, hard facts of bottom lines and the authentic connections of people who feel valued.

MI’s current tagline:

Connect. Reward. Grow.

MI Logo

The MI logo consists of specially modified and carefully spaced letterforms. It’s based on the bold weight of the Google font ASAP and includes subtle “humanizing” elements that hint at a smile and a handshake.

Importantly, there are two different versions of the MI logo, the letters “MI” and the full name “Marketing Innovators,” and each one has different intended contexts.

Best use cases for the “MI” logo:

  • When the logo is very small or in competition with other bold logos in a tight space.
  • When the viewer has already been introduced to the MI brand in some way  and the logo now serves a less prominent role on the page.
  • When a large and/or bold branding element   is needed, but is not the only brand expo- sure a viewer will have, meaning that there will still be an opportunity for the viewer to see the full logo at some point within this brand touchpoint.
Marketing Innovators Logo Blue

Best use cases for the “Marketing Innovators” logo:

  • When there is only one chance in this brand touchpoint to display MI branding, and it won’t be too small (less than 1 inch).
  • When the logo is being displayed to a viewer for the first time and the need to be clear about our name is paramount.

Be sure to give the appropriate amount of breathing room around the logo. Shown below are rough guides for how much space to allow when placing the logo near other logos or design elements.


Open Sans is the primary type family for all MI marketing communications. This type family includes the Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold and Extrabold fonts along with the Italic versions of each. All page headlines are set in the type family Lato.

Both Open Sans and Lato are Google fonts, which means you can download it or link to it for web-based designs. Go to this link to learn more or to download them for yourself: https://fonts.google.com/

There are times when the Open Sans font is not an option:

  • You can’t download the Open Sans font from the link on the previous page.
  • You are creating documents that will be shared with people that don’t have access to the Open Sans font.
  • Font compatibility/conflict issues, not enough storage, etc.

In such cases, an acceptable substitute font is Calibri, which is MS Office compatible.


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Block Quote
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Text Link
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Button Text


Highlight Blue
Primary Blue
Blue Gradient
#2b3990 — #00a4e2
Highlight Yellow
Gray 1
Orange Vibrant
Orange Pastel
Pink Vibrant
Pink Pastel
Grey Blue Vibrant


This is a sampling of the types of images MI uses to convey brand messaging. We try to use full environmental scenes with professional employees in a working/interacting role. These are generally stock images but it is important to spend a little extra time searching for images that don’t look too generic and/or “cheesy.”

Some important points to keep in mind with image searching: diversity is paramount, modern workplaces are preferred, modern computers/phones/equipment/etc., dynamic angles/colors/activity/filters/etc. are very effective.

The stock service we usually use is iStock and we have many images on hand for use so feel free to request help from Jason when looking for the perfect image.

Man and Woman Shaking Hands
Black Women Shopping
Woman With Glasses Talking
Group of Co-Workers Talking
Prepaid Card Open Graph
Employee Starbucks Gift Card
Employee Engagement Platform Analytics