The Assistance League of Omaha® saved over $100,000 by working with JCPenney Incentive Sales!

Their 10-Year Anniversary with JCPenney and Operation School Bell was a huge success!

October 2019 marked a signficant milestone for the Assistance League of Omaha.

The Celebration included clothing their 70,000th student who was presented with a commemorative School Bell, and we were proud to be part of it!

AL of Omaha has worked hand-in-hand with JCPIS for the last 10 years. They've increased savings by using discounted JCPenney gift cards to fund their OSB  program needs, and coordinated enjoyable and memorable in-store events like this. Congratulations on  your continued efforts!

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Discounted JCPenney Gift Cards Are Perfect For:


  • Purchase gift cards at a discount to stretch
    your donation dollars
  • Reward and incentivize volunteers and employees
  • Amazing value!


  • Bring in community members to shop for
    their clothing needs
  • Support funding with discounted JCPenney
    gift cards
JCPenney and Assistance League, working together to serve
the needs of your communities for over 10 years!
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