It's understandable that many business leaders are taking a "wait & see" approach to their management challenges these days.

But, amidst all of this uncertainty, one thing never changes: employees are people and people value connection.

So, what are you doing to improve the human connections in your business this month, this quarter, and next year?

Keep Your Employees Engaged & Motivated During a Pandemic
A strong connection makes every business decision better, every communication clearer, and every action stronger, leveraging the true potential of every person on your team.
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Getting started is as easy as sending an e-gift card to celebrate a milestone or just to say "thank you" for a job well done... as impactful as mailing out a "work from home survival kit" to you entire staff... or as comprehensive as a fully integrated engagement and communications platform.

We recommend starting small and working your way up, based on timing. Click through each concept below to see examples of how these three engagement strategies can help you bring motivation, productivity, and loyalty to your people when they need it most.
Timeframe: 1 Month
Timeframe: 3 Months
Timeframe: Q1 2021
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Save Money, Support Your Employees, & Give Back With Gift Cards
Everything is upside down right now but one thing never changes: people need to know they’re not forgotten. You’ve done the practical things, now go for the heart with little acts of kindness and connection. Whether you want to recognize outstanding behavior or just say "thank you", gift cards outperform cash every time. Perfect for employees, channel partners, clients, or charitable giving.

Keep Your Remote Workforce Engaged and Motivated

Maintain a strong connection to your remote workforce with a happy surprise in their inbox to balance out all the negative news. One-off or bulk emailing of e-gift cards is available and we make the process smooth for you.

Reward Your Employees with Personalized E-Gift Cards of Their Choice

The MI Gift Cards reward code program empowers your teams, customers or channel partners with the freedom to choose their own digital reward, redeemable from a huge selection of name-brand gift cards. No more pressure to select the perfect gift card, let your recipients choose for themselves!

You Give: Send reward codes via email.

They Choose: From a wide range of popular brands.

Everyone Wins: Quick, easy, flexible and impactful!

Engage Your Remote Workforce to Enhance Productivity and Work-Life Balance
The lights may be off, conference rooms quiet, and coffee kettle empty… but the internet, phone lines, and video conferences are still abuzz. Now, how are you thanking and recognizing your employees for their continued hard work during the “new normal?” Send them something a little more personal with a gift bundle of your choice. Select from a variety of options that will be delivered right to their door.

Send a Unique, Personalized Gift Bundle

Reassure your employees that we’re in this ‘new normal’ together – while remote, they’re still part of a team.

Why Gift Bundles?

  • To say "thank you" for your dedication to the company.
  • To gift a few home office tools to keep them engaged, motivated, focused, & productive.
  • To reduce their stress and help keep them healthy.
  • To have some fun!

Themed Gift Bundles Can Be Customized to Fit Any Occasion

Gift bundles are a joy to receive, while reminding us of our shared purpose as coworkers and colleagues. Whether your company is heading back into the office, extending remote work, or looking for ways to thank your people (or clients) – now is the time to start planning ahead.

The Future of the Workforce is in the Employee Experience
Empower your team, customers, or channel partners with the freedom to choose their own reward. No more pressure to select the perfect gift, recipients get to choose for themselves.

The most effective way to continually recognize and reward your employees for their hard work is by implementing an employee recognition program. Our recognition platform is a robust SaaS solution that allows managers to distribute points that can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, and travel. The platform has custom branding and has various modules that allow for birthday and anniversary acknowledgements and rewards, peer-to-peer recognition, a feedback and survey tool, and more.

Each module can be turned on and off to fit your wants and needs. This is a great option for companies around the globe who are still working remote or back in the office and practicing social distancing because it has a full feature social wall that allows employees to interact and communicate digitally throughout the workday and beyond.

Altogether, employees are the foundation to your company’s success. Maintaining employee trust is essential to your business. Use this time as an opportunity to invest in your foundations. After all, employees should be recognized year round for their hard work and contributions and not just when times get tough.

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