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4 Reasons Why Digital Storefronts Can’t Replace a Promotional Products Specialist

Promotional products sales topped $19 billion in 2013 and are expected to do even better this year. Why? Promotional products score major points when it comes to employee recognition, brand promotion, and customer retention. In fact, looking at the data presented… read more

5 Things Leaders Can Do to Improve Employee Retention

Regardless of a slack or a tight job market, it would be a mistake for leaders to lessen organizational focus on employee retention. The most obvious reason is the high cost of hiring and training a replacement employee, estimated to be… read more

How To Keep High-Value – But Dissatisfied – Employees

Developing your talent is an investment of time and resources, but well worthwhile. Your lead employees are usually a driving force and the go-to people who have the knowledge base to keep your initiatives moving forward and successful. This is why… read more

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