Social Media

Finding Creative Ways to Connect Program Participants Using Social Media Technology

Recognition, incentive, and loyalty programs are all about people, making the people-centric nature of social media all the more powerful when included as functionality within our client’s programs. The use of social media as a key part of these types of programs continues to grow at an exponential rate and has become a leading tool to generate superior program communications and enhance the overall experience for the participant.

Our culture is ever-evolving at a rapid pace in terms of the way we communicate with one another. There is a constant demand for more frequent communication; via the method uniquely preferred by each individual. In tandem, it has become expected that we are always privy to the more current and cutting-edge information available. These expectations, in turn, have forced the incentive and recognition marketplace to keep up; giving program administrators and participants alike the ability to choose how they want to communicate, to whom, and how often.

Some of the most popular avenues to reach participants today include:

• Podcasts: Product releases, demos, etc

• Texting: Contest reminders and sales results

• Twitter: Quick messages, awards, promos, specials

• Blogs: Thought-sharing, info-sharing

• Micro sites: Instant access to unique goals and info

• Online Chat: Instant access for program questions

• Facebook: Build excitement around an event

• SCVNGR: Engage event attendees with on-site challenges

• Foursquare: Share an experience or find other event attendees

Utilizing these communication vehicles, we are able to give our clients a new avenue to announce achievements and expand the reach of those achievements all while extending their community to participant friends and beyond. Ultimately, this builds the celebratory component of our programs and lends to a greater momentum throughout the program life.

By bringing our clients the tools to integrate social media into their program in a method consistent with their cultures and demographics, we are able to increase their workforce’s knowledge base and reinforce corporate objectives.