What are the Benefits of Measuring ROI?

Why Measure Results?

Measuring results provides valuable insight that can drive evidence-based continuous improvement and create the following payoffs.

  • Align programs to business needs
  • Show contributions of selected programs
  • Earn respect of senior management
  • Enhance program design, implementation and operation
  • Defend existing budgets
  • Justify future programs
  • Improve support for programs
  • Identify inefficient programs that need to be redesigned or eliminated
  • Identify successful programs, and/or key elements, that can be implemented in other areas

Which Programs to Evaluate?

Measure all engagement initiatives at Level one or higher. Use the following criteria to determine what programs should be measured at higher levels.

  • Life cycle of the program
  • Linkage of program to organizational goals
  • Management’s interest in the evaluation
  • Strategic importance of program
  • Cost of the program
  • Size of the target population
  • Investment of time required


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