Understand Your Investment with Measurable ROI

The highest performing organizations recognize that employee engagement is a strategic endeavor that drives performance, improves outcomes and supports short and long-term goals. Gallup estimates that the bottom line impact of disengaged employees to be more than $300 billion in lost productivity alone. In general, there is little argument that investing in employee engagement is important. Understanding how this investment impacts organizational goals, however, is often overlooked or ineffective.

Measuring ROI for people performance initiatives provides data for business and people management decisions and demonstrates impact on organizational objectives. The ROI Methodology™ is critical in quantifying and evaluating programs. It is more than just the program metrics; it defines what should be measured, maps to goals and objectives and relates outcomes to bottom line results.

At Marketing Innovators, our certified ROI professionals will help custom design your people performance measurement to ensure it provides the insight, information and understanding you need to make the right decisions and impact critical business objectives.

       Why Measure ROI?                         Guiding Principles

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