Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Reward Cards Offer Convenience
and Flexability

Marketing Innovators offers companies an opportunity to reward program participants through a variety of prepaid card options. Our prepaid reward cards are managed by an easy-to-use system for administering the fulfillment of reward credits. Utilizing the latest debit card technology, the program provides award winners with a co-branded prepaid card they can use at any merchant that accepts VISA, MasterCard or American Express. It carries the flexibility of cash with the security of a credit/debit card.

Prepaid cards can be issued as a one-time load or reloadable card. Participants have their own personal account which they can access via a toll-free number or Web site 24/7. When recipients carry the card in their wallets, it serves as a reminder of their efforts to earn the card as well as the company who rewarded them.