Our Values

Clients come to Marketing Innovators for solutions and they stay with us for the relationship. It’s what sets us apart in the industry. Fundamental to that relationship are our core values. We arrived at those values by asking ourselves, “What are the values that make a good relationship?”

We spell those values out and we live them—in the way we work with each other and the many ways we serve our customers and partners:

Integrity. We are honest and sincere in all dealings with our customers, partners, vendors and associates.

“We’re proud of our brand and we don’t want to compromise our integrity. If I want to work for a company, I need to know they have good integrity.” MI associate, 13 years.

Trust. We have faith in the honesty and reliability of our customers, partners, vendors and associates.

“The loyalty and communication between our departments benefits our clients.” MI manager, 25 years.

Knowledge Share. We encourage the acquisition and sharing of knowledge that leads to the development and success of our associates, partners and customers.

“We’re open to what our customers want to accomplish. We collaborate to make that happen and ramp up our talent to deliver it.” MI executive, 10+ years.

Customer Success. We provide high value products and services that help our customers and partners grow and prosper.

“We are in the business of helping our customers achieve results they want to see through their people…their employees.” MI senior manager, 10 years.

“No matter who the customer talks to in our company, that person is committed to the customer’s success.” MI manager, 20 years

Empowerment. We believe that each of us has the ability to make good decisions and the wisdom to seek guidance when we are unsure.

“We empower one another to do the right thing for the company, for each other, and for the customer.” MI senior manager, 10 years.

Results Oriented. We define what success means for each function and provide the tools, guidance and feedback to achieve the desired results.

“We enjoy being challenged by our client’s business issues. This enables us to develop creative solutions for clients that are real, relevant, and pragmatic.” MI executive, 15 years.

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